What is the benefit of Automated Giving? 
The tool supports your decision to faithfully give to Love of Christ’s ministry.


What is the benefit for Love of Christ? 
Regular giving helps us plan what ministry activities we can support and fosters effective stewardship.
May I make a one-time donation? 
Yes, use the tool whenever, however, you’d like. It’s your decision.


How often do I have to make a recurring donation? 
You select the start date and how often you want to give.
Mobile Text Tithing
We know you have a smartphone and want to support the great work happening at LOC. If you have forgotten your checkbook or cash on Sunday, but still want to give, give this a shot!
Here is a NEW, simple to use, safe giving solution – MOBILE TEXT TITHING.
How Mobile Text Tithing Works:
Send a text message with a dollar amount (e.g., “$10”) to (320) 365-0004.
If it is your first time giving this way, you will have to fill out a short form with your billing info. After the initial setup, however, giving is as easy as sending a text!